Tetris Attack Puzzle Solver

Tetris Attack is a rather interesting puzzle game, know also as Pokemon Puzzle League and Panel de Pon. Part of game play for the SNES includes a Puzzle mode, offering a rather challenging offer for puzzle fans. My own interest eventually lead me to creating a puzzle solver. After trying many different techniques (including attempts to use hashes or compression to cut down on the number of brute force moves made), eventually a version settled out. And that final version was sent to the IOCCC, though it didn't place (not that I really expected it to). So here that version is, for your enjoyment.

To actually use the puzzle solver is relatively simple. First, one needs to have an actual puzzle. Then, from left to right, read the columns from bottom to top until there is no longer a piece. Each piece has its own code: h for heart, s for star, d for diamond, t for triangle, c for circle, and u for upsided down triangle. Use a | symbol to separate each column of pieces. Finally, one must know the maximum number of moves allowed (setting it too high will make the puzzle solver take a really long time).

So for example, "'dtddu|uhhcu|ctcht|ctcst|usscu|dtddu' 5" would be possible arguments to pass in. The result will be either a statement telling you the puzzle isn't solvable or a collection of images demonstrating the right moves. You'll need a terminal and a *nix to properly see this. The code should be quite portable, though. So, enjoy.



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