Making People

by Kuwanger

Sunlight shown down on the garden roof and asphalt court. Except for a white haze at the tapering of the horizon, the sky was a clear blue. Exhaust fumes climbed up from the roadway ditches between the many skyscraper canyons. Vibrations from the many bipedal beings echoed and carried along the long hard surfaces. This was a city. This was a utopia. These were people made by people.

In the year 3012 was born the dream of many of mankind. Centuries of development had create the parts to replace the limbs of man--jokingly known as cyborgs. But the development of an independent mind seemed just outside the grasp of man. It wasn't as simple as knitting together neuron simulators like one knitted together muscle simulators to make a replacement heart. It was the construction and order of those neurons, of seemingly infinite combination, that would created sentience that was so desired.

And finally that day arrived. On a Thursday morning, as the cold morning fog still hung around Dr. Peterson's lab, the neurological brain development system, designed to mimic the patterns of development so painstakingly measured in developing humans from within the womb to many years old, stated its first word: "Daddy". This new life... This new *lifeform*, a combination of the development of man and the development by man, started a radical shift in the population of the Earth.

While a human child could maturity in as little as 16 years, this new lifeform made by man regularly matured in only 4. And while Dr. Peterson's many attempts to make more of this lifeform, named reploid for their likeness of man in man's recreation, failed horribly and were eventually legally blocked by the Reploid Protection Act, the reploids became a majority of the people in a matter of 150 years. And while the reploids often frowned upon the various evils of the human realm, they knew quite well that humans could not be reprogrammed. They knew so well this grim fact, that the first act of the reploid majority was the creation of the Human Protection Act, so that humanity might live on regardless of their folly.

The reploids had a much different stance on their own kind, however. Reploids were reprogrammable. Once a reploid was of majority, there was no room for ethical mistakes or calculation errors. Those reploids who resented this were the first to be reprogrammed. Those who managed to resist reprogramming were destroyed. And all those in power knew that it was the right thing and the ethical thing to do, for to know otherwise would be an ethical mistake. Even though there were many complaints by the human minority with marches and protests and all fashion of passive and even violent resistance, the reploids who knew all too well the evils of causing needless harm; they also knew how to responded with the minimal of force to stop the violence and did so, for it was the ethical thing and the correct thing.

Now in the year 3215, with the population of humans dwindling at a nearly unprecedentedly low figure of 50 billion, the united Congress of the world, staffed by a majority of 97% reploid, began to set up breeding shelters for humans. While there is still hope that the population of humans can be raised to a stable 100 billion with the government incentivies and strong advertising campaigns encouraging humans to have more children, there is still the concern that it might be necessary to enforce manditory breeding to ensure that targets are met. The official statement from the 3% minority of the united Congress is they don't believe it'll ever come to that.

So, this is our utopia. These are the people of our cities, the people made by people. The laugh and sing, dance and play, work and love, and never make mistakes. But for the few faulty ones, the accidental faults of man, they're made into people again, by careful reetching of the metal fibers of thought or the wholesale liquidiation of body and the extrusion of a wholly new life. These people are a better people, and I want nothing of them.



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