Mythic Chess Related Software

This page includes links to two code fragments which may be useful in the future. They are some perspective rendering code and more specifically, a Mythic Chess set-compatible chess board rendering program. The former was designed as a very minimal attempt to do proper rendering. The latter version is more fleshed out, including support for reading in the actual board pieces and scaling them, including the option to do some anti-aliasing to reduce the blockiness. These programs were developed using Imlib2 under Linux.

The main reason these code fragments were never integrated into Mythic Chess was a combination of a lack of motivation to work on the difficult process of optimizing FPU-heavy code on a non-FPU processor and a souring feeling due to legal concerns of GP32 development. Feel free to use any of the included code as you see fit. Hopefully you'll find a better use than simple demo code.



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