GamePark 32

The GamePark 32 (aka GP32) is a Korean handheld created by the company Game Park. Along with including various commercial offerings, a variety of homebrew applications have developed given the relative openness of the GamePark's platform (although there are some legal concerns). Along with an ARM9 generation processor, variable clockable up to 133MHZ (166MHz with the BLU line), the GP32 includes 8MB of RAM (although 512KB of that is used by the system). As well, the GP32 includes a 320x240 display capable of displaying 8-bit or 16-bit graphics.

These properties lend themselves to the porting of DOS-era (and some Linux/Windows-era) applications relatively easily (most other handhelds have a more complex video system that benefits greatly from exploiting various hardware sprite and/or tile functions). My own personal involvement has focused primarily on the porting of an NSF player to the Gamepark 32, along with some discussion of development on Mythic Chess, an improved version of a GNU chess program. So far, this discussion has materialized only in some very rough perspective rendering code and an additional chess piece set.

One more small project to note was a modfication of gplink to add some more correction support for filename transfers, as the Linux port did not include safe guards for fixing invalid FAT filenames. Projects like ucon64 have probably made such efforts obsolete.



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