Gameboy Advance VGM Player

This is a fork of Maxim's GBA VGM Player. Specifically, it's a fork of his v2.0 beta. It fixes Pogoshell plugin support, allowing of archives of vgm files (vga) composed with gpfs, single lzo compressed files (vgl), or single raw vgm files (vgm). You'll need Maxim's beta version for the compression tools. That link might not work in the future though, with futher updates by Maxim.

Compression is as simple as on the command line using the lzo1x-999 tool to compress each file then using gbfs to create a joint file. Of course, you're free to use each as you please, as well as still using it as stand alone. But I personally have lines for gbavgmplayer.mbz for vgm, vgl, and vga types.




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