PSO is a tool help in the construction of PocketNES, Goomba, and SMSAdvance save files. Usage works on the command line. It is as simple as:


This will display information about the extraction. Files have an extension based on which emulator they're from. They're also given a secondary name, separated by an underscore, to provide more information on their function. Finally, a CFG file is outputted in most instances. This file shouldn't be included in constructions, as it will be out of date in the final file.


Both PocketNES and Goomba include saves in the last section of the save file which is not reinsertable. This is simply because there's information not guaranteedly available when trying to construct a new save. Hopefully this won't be a huge burden on the use of these tools.

Other Tools

Also included with PSO are some tools to modify the various output files created by the deconstruction by PSO. Those are.


As it implies, this removes the header of all files. This is because each .pns, .gbs, or .sas file has a small header that provides such information as the checksum of the rom the file is for and the title of the rom it is for. This tool allows one to remove this header for use in other programs, especially sram files.


The reverse of deheader, rejoins a deheadered file to its original file. Useful to reinserting an sram into an sram file. Note, this overwrites the second file provided.


Cheat text provides a means of dealing with cheat files compatible with Dwedit's or mine's fork of PocketNES. It also allows one to take fceu cheat files and convert. One should first deheader a cheat file to use it with cheattext. If one does want to use fceu cheat files with PocketNES, be sure to create a cheat file to join with with the header file. This means making sure the cheat list isn't empty in PocketNES.

PocketNES with cheat saves vs PocketNES with cheat saves and descriptions

Dwedit is the author of the cheat system in PocketNES. However, his creation only allow the adding of cheats alone. In very short order, this is very confusing. So, I added the ability to put in descriptions for each cheat. [Note: This was during the time that I actually was adding the ability to save cheats.] I, unfortunately, decided to use the same number code for each type of cheat. This is bad because each cheat type is stored in a different format. [Cheats alone are merely groups of 3 bytes. These aren't very compressible and are stored raw. Descriptions, on the other hand, are 15 bytes and are generally rather compressible.] Because of this, and also to retain support for those few who might want it, there's options for both types of cheats.




Gameboy Advance

GamePark 32



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