PocketNES...k is a fork of PocketNES. More specifically, it is a fork of PocketNES-csd, which is a fork of PocketNES-cs, which is a fork of Dwedit's PocketNES /w Cheats, which is a fork of PocetNES. Major features includes cheat support and .NES Partial Compression, a scheme to compress upwards of 128KB of an .nes rom. Compression can be accomplished with either the included nc.exe program or the external anc3.py program, the latter of which requires Python. If the file is compressable, the resulting file can be used directly with PogoShell (with the appropriate addition to pogo.cfg) or they can be renamed to end with .nes and used with the PocketNES Menu Maker; note, compressed files will obviously have a different checksum than the original ROM, so any settings you wish to have for the compressed ROM will have to be added manually.

Actually compression of ROMs should be as simple as: "nc file.nes file.npc": from the command line. While most ROMs can be partially compressed, not all can be.




Gameboy Advance

GamePark 32



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