mrom.mb 2010-05-05

mrom.mb is a Pogoshell plugin to play mmutil converted soundbank files. mrom.mb relies upon the excellent maxmod library made by Mukunda Johnson. mrom_mb is based upon Mukunda Johnson's demo source program mmgbarom, used in mmutil to make a test rom.

To use mrom.mb with mod files, the mod files must be convered into soundbank files first. S3M, MOD, XM, and IT files are converable. Multiple mod files can be joined into one soundbank file or multiple soundbank files. While by default, soundbank files end with the extension bin, it is recommended to choose another extension (such as sb) to not conflict with Pogoshell's support of GBA roms ending with the bin extension.

As always, make sure to mentally convert forward slashes to backslashes under Windows (ie, root/ becomes root\).

To convert a mod file with mmutil:

To conver multiple mod files into one soundbank (probably not what you want):

For Pogoshell users:

For Plugin2GBA users:




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