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GBC2GBA is a front end to the GB Bridge, useful for using a GBA flash cart as a GB cart. This, like Goomba, is useful for storing many Gameboy carts around in one flash cart. The creation of Goomba, however, has left my GB Bridge to be something of a paper weight (Goomba Color having now made it near a door stop). However until that time, I worked on expanding the frontend to offer more palette choices and options than are available normally. To that end, I learned enough Z80 to do some neat line drawing tricks.

In any case, these advances are primarily only useful on non-GBC (Gameboy Color) games, as only non-GBC games are unaware of the many new settings available with the GBC, so only they will not modify them. Assumedly this is the same trick Nintendo used to add paletting support to GB Mono games on the GBC/GBA. And if one wonders why it is the case that one couldn't use that functionality to set the palette, one has to know that the GBC (and GBA in GBC mode) does an initial check to see if a ROM is GBC compatible or not. If it isn't, then it'll pretend it's a regular GB (even to GBC games). Because the menuing system is run first and must support regular GB and GBC games, the menuing system has to fake being a GBC game. As a result, one loses out on the built-in ability to set the palette.

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