Cologne is a Gameboy Advance emulator of the Colecovision, a system in many ways similar to the Sega Master System. Created before the great 80s video game crash, Colecovision for a time was a strong competetor to Atari's stronghold on home video gaming. In many ways I am still awed by the graphics ability of the Coleco, given my memories of the graphic capabilities of the Atari 2600.

Without digressing further, my work on Cologne has been, again, work on support of compression. Unfortunately, the few games I've used it upon indicate that many games of that area aren't very compressible (very understandable given the time period). There has been discussion by FluBBa that indicates that this compression support will possibly be integrated into future versions of Cologne (mainly at my request), and I have offered to make the appropriate additions.



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