Gameboy Advance Projects

The Gameboy Advance (GBA/AGB) is a handheld platform developed by Nintendo as a successor to the Gameboy line. Along with including backwards compatibility with the Gameboy and Gameboy Color, the Gameboy Advance was a dramatic improvement to Nintendo's offering in handheld entertainment. While other platforms may have come sooner that were equal or more powerful, the Gameboy Advance included not only the offer of supporting previous games (certainly a big selling point given the near monopolistic position the Gameboy held for years) but the first time such a powerful handheld was available that offered such reasonable battery life.

But along with this power came many other advantages, including a working emulator for the system before the system was even generally available (one could argue this had more to do with the recent rise of widely available internet access, powerful computers, and the still relatively minor power provided in the GBA; all of these may be true, but the fact that other systems have become available of similar complexity and haven't see the rapid rise in emulator support hints more at the strong desires coupled with these facts). Also, the wide availability of internet access has stirred up a large amount of interest in homebrew development (possibly related to Linux, also). These elements coming together with no copy protection scheme implimented with the Gameboy Advance has produced a rather highly desirable system for hobbyists to target.

My own interest in the GBA was tweaked with news of an NES emulator for the GBA, PocketNES. This, along with further development of the Metroid series spurred me to actually buy this platform. And my own development interest eventually went to work on furthering existing works as I learned to in the spirit of the open source community. So, here are various projects, most of them relatively short lived modifications that are currently dead and some of them still being worked on as time has shown them to be of greater lasting interest.



Gameboy Advance

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