Apack (aka aPACK) is a compression algorithm designed by Jørgen Ibsen of Ibsen Softawre. Designed to work in 16-bit DOS, Apack has the advantageous properties of offering a small decompressor footprint along with a quite good compression ratio. However, Apack does suffer from having a slower decompression rate than LZO. While this is the case, it is also the case that this is an acceptable trade-off for many, especially in situations where there is very little avaiable space.

For this reason, my projects like PocketNES...k and Pogoshell include support for apack decompression. However, for quite a long time there existed no apack ccompression except the official version. But after a good bit of effort at reverse engineering unapack.s (as created by Dwedit), a Python apack compressor was born. Unfortunately, all current versions apack compressors I've written have suffered from being both slower and creating worse compression that the official version. Still, average compression of my compressor seems to beat out LZO.

Having said that, there are current two major groups of Apack software.



I would greatly encourage those who are interested in compression who would like a challenge to try out my version of apack and help improve upon it. Everyone would benefit, and I would gladly take the help.



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